Xodos Pro Disposable Vape Pen


Introducing the almighty Xodos, a rechargeable disposable device that helps you prioritize convenience and comfort for an end-all superior functionality. Upon inhale activation, the Xodos immediately pushes out strong and consistent vapor for big, billowy clouds. The crystal-clear see-through window displays your extracts in all their brilliance, and our top-of-the-line anti-clogging technology allows for the smoothest, purest draws to compliment you and your oils. The Xodos was designed to be there for you as long as needed.

If this disposable vaporizer were a song, it’d be called “Smooth Operator.” Each hit is almost undetectable, as the flavor of your oil meets your palate with balance and subtlety. The aluminum alloy casing is insulated in a rubber matte surface that reflects a sense of style and a suave feeling on your fingertips. The 300mAh battery gives this small device some kick; its inhale-activated functionality leaves each rip with thick clouds. The 1ml (1 gram) tank is designed with a rechargeable USB port to ensure all of your product is dispersed. The disposable selection has evolved to a new standard with the Xodos Disposable.