Xenbar Plus Disposable Vape Pen


Xenbar Plus - 2.0mL 280mAh Rechargeable Disposable vape follows in our famous Astro Stik Pen Start Kit, the Xenbar Plus is designed for a premium user experience with all the same industry-leading performance. The critical difference is that our new Xenbar Plus is now disposable for that on-the-go user when convenience is a priority.

The Xenbar Plus vaporizer is best equipped with a 2mL tank and a fully charged, high-grade, long-lasting Xenbar battery for a user experience free of interruptions. With each draw, you'll find a strong sense of ease and balance delivered out of our top-performing disposable - an experience manifested by iKonic ceramic coil technology, designed with you in mind.

  • The inhale-activated draw makes vaping fast and easy. No need to click a button; just hit it.
  • The 2.0 mL tank provides a long-lasting vaporizer experience, and the patented iKonic coils help vaporize your concentrate no matter the consistency.
  • The Xenbar Plus vaporizer is the best choice for on-the-go trips or short excursions. With a battery that lasts longer than the concentrate in your pod, this vaporizer is the right one for you!