Xenair Dual Pods Vape Battery


XenAir - 350mAh Dual Pod Vape Battery We know you’ve heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one,” Let us introduce our new State-of-the-Art dual-pod system technology that brings together the best of both worlds. Begin your experience by utilizing inhale or button activation and seamlessly switching back and forth between both sides for different flavors. Featuring a sleek matte design, the discrete profile allows you to mix and match pods to hold twice the amount of your favorite oils. When it comes to seniors, more is more.

The senior allows you to have two separate concentrates in one pod simultaneously. This functionality was the brainchild of the iKrusher development team, who wanted to allow customers to alternate between their favorite choices of concentration.

From the beginning, we wanted to offer more variety and quality in our vaporizer. We had to go to extra lengths to develop something innovative, sleek, and discrete. Thus, the dual-head XenAir is one of the few vaporizers to achieve this. The senior is designed with the same passion as our other vaporizer products, so you know you are getting a superior device in almost any way. This vape battery is compatible with our XenAir Dual-Pod System Pod and is the component of our XenAir Dual-Pod Battery Start Kit.