Vfire 1.0ml Magnetic Vape Pod


VFIRE Pods are PCTG and square 1.0mL with a black plastic mouthpiece and feature 2 x 1.8 mm intake holes to an iKonic ceramic rod atomizer (1.3Ω). This is iKrusher’s most versatile, and popular product in 2020.

VFIRE Pods Key Features

  • Compatible with VFIRE & VFIRE PRO Battery
  • Magnetic Battery/Pod Connection
  • Medical Grade PCTG Tank
  • iKonic Ceramic Coil

VFIRE Pod Features

The VFire Pro Pod was developed with anti-leaking technology. Not only does the VFire Pro prevent leaks, but the high-quality iKonic ceramic coil allows for high-temperature vaporization for a long-lasting and heavy hit. The VFire Pro pod is compatible with the VFire Pro Starter Kit and the VFire Pro Battery.

VFIRE Pod Vape Pod Care

For the best vaporizer pod care, please adhere to the following:

Make sure there is no debris at the base of the pod. This could potentially block the connecting pins and burn the pod quickly. Do not leave your pod in a hot or cold vehicle for too long, as it can cause consistency issues with your concentrate. Do not disassemble the pod.