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Trainwreck Terpene Profiles


Not for the faint of heart, Trainwreck delivers on its promise of a heavy-hitting sativa strain that is a pure head rush from start to finish.

Trainwreck was perfected in the fields of Humboldt County in Northern California, and the strain is a potent combination of Mexican and Thai sativas, crossed with Afghani Indicas. We’ve recreated the smell and taste of trainwreck’s terpene strain profile with food-grade, naturally-derived terpenes.

You’ll welcome the floral, botanical aroma derived from natural terpenes: limonene, terpinolene, beta-pinene, and alpha-pinene. On the tongue expect a sweet lemon, pine, and menthol flavor. 

Trainwreck is a strain that will give you an overwhelming sensation of euphoria along with greater creativity. Look to this strain for a fast and furious experience that will still let you get on with your day.