Tik Pro 0.5ml Visible Tank 350mah Disposable Vape Pen


iKrusher brings you everything you could ever ask for in a disposable pod system with the Tik Pro. This pint-size powerhouse, the same size as a lighter, is easy to bring with you anywhere! Its 350mAh battery will provide a consistent and delightful experience with each hit.

For a portable and luxurious experience you can always depend on, look no further than the Tik Pro by iKrusher. Our favorite ultra-compact pod-style disposable vape pen with signature design and character. This pint-size powerhouse, though slim, is unforgettable in every way.

A compact, high-performance system offering you an incomparable vaping experience, iKonic was designed with all users in mind, from veteran vapors to smokers. Its exquisite craftsmanship, unique design, and user-friendly interface set a new standard in the industry. All devices feature a complex engineering design and construction to offer a supercar-like experience.