Vibes Papers

The Cali By Vibes 3 Gram Box 3 Pack - 8 Count

Paper Type
  • 3G Capacity 
  • Wide, Cylindrical Shape
  • Optimal Airflow
  • Big-Smoke Experience
  • Easy-To-Pack Design
  • 4 Blends Available
  • Cultivated In France
  • Hand-Rolled In Dominican Republic
  • Acacia Gum
The Cali by VIBES™ is entrepreneur and rapper Berner's latest offering, featuring his signature rolling style. The pre-rolls are cylindrical and have a wide circumference for optimal airflow, comfortable pulls, and a big-smoke experience.

They're made with premium cannabis from France and are hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. The tips provide stability while filling up the pre-roll and filter out unwanted particles.

Each box contains 8 packs, with 3 Calis per pack, for a total of 24 Vibes Cali 3 Gram cones.