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Store-N-Seal Blackout Vacuum ACT Bags With Zipper 15" x 20" - 50 Count


The Blackout Vacuum ACT Bags With Zipper, measuring 15" x 20" and containing 50 bags, are crafted with the thickest and strongest materials for long-term storage of food and perishables. These all-black plastic bags are BPA-free and feature a resealable zipper, allowing for multiple uses and saving money in the long run. Our bags have been tested and approved by a range of users, including homemakers, foodies, survival preppers, and indoor hydroponic gardeners, all of whom have praised their durability and effectiveness. Studies have shown that food sealed in these bags can stay fresh up to 5-10 times longer, while maintaining its taste, texture, aroma, and nutritional value. Furthermore, our bags are safe for cooking, including sous vide, as they do not affect the flavor and are free of harmful toxins. They also protect against freezer burn and lock in odors, making them perfect for a variety of food items such as meat

  • Box Contents: 50 Bags
  • Size: 15″ x 20″
  • Material: Super Thick Food Grade, BPA Free All Black Plastic
  • Zipper Feature: Seal Again and Again