S1 510 Thread Vape Battery


The S1 is a premier 510-thread vape battery. Crusher's innovative technological advancements have made the S1 a powerful, button-activated device with variable voltage settings. The S1 is universally compatible with all 510-thread vape cartridges.

The battery capacity holds a 350 mAh battery with rechargeable capabilities, making the S1 one of the best 510 batteries on the market.

Packing 350mAh of battery life, this slender powerhouse allows you to customize your vaping experience with more power than larger pens. If you're looking for a classy, compact turbocharged 510 battery with variable voltage, the S1 from iKrusher is the one. Also known as an iKrusher Slim Pen, it is designed and built to utilize the most from your 510 cartridges. It's a great product when compared to other 510-thread vapes.