Raw Classic Single Size Pre-rolled Cones 70/24 Mm - Unbleached Paper - 600 Count

Looking for premium wholesale smoking accessories? Look no further than our Raw Classic Single Size Pre-rolled Cones in the sought-after 70/24 mm dimensions. This wholesale package comes with an impressive 600 count, ensuring your customers will never be without their favorite smoking essential.s

Crafted from unbleached, eco-friendly paper, these cones prioritize purity and sustainability. Bid farewell to harsh chemicals – Raw Classic Cones offer an untainted, natural smoking experience. The unbleached paper maintains its raw appeal, enhancing the organic authenticity of each smoke session.

Perfectly designed for individual use, the 70/24 mm size guarantees a consistently enjoyable experience, whether your customers are flying solo or sharing the moment with friends. With each cone meticulously rolled, a uniform burn is ensured, allowing your customers to relish every drag.

Raw Classic Single Size Pre-rolled Cones are the ideal choice for quality-conscious wholesale buyers. Stock up with 600 cones and provide your customers with a smoking accessory that lasts. Elevate their smoking ritual with the unparalleled convenience and quality of Raw Classic Cones. Discover the natural essence of unbleached paper and offer your customers a consistently satisfying smoke. Partner with a brand trusted worldwide – Raw. Grab this wholesale opportunity now and watch your customers come back for more!