Raw Classic King Size Pre-rolled Cones 109mm - Unbleached Paper - 800 Count


Immerse yourself in the world of pure and authentic smoking pleasure with RAW Classic King Size Pre-rolled Cones. Now available in a wholesale bulk pack of 800 cones, these 109mm pre-rolled wonders redefine the art of convenience and quality. Made from unbleached paper, RAW Classic Cones deliver a natural and untainted smoking experience, allowing your customers to savor the true essence of their preferred smoking material.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Authenticity: RAW Classic King Size Pre-rolled Cones are crafted from unbleached paper, ensuring a genuine and chemical-free smoking session that lets the true flavors shine through.

  2. Ultimate Convenience: Embrace the ultimate convenience of pre-rolled cones, saving time and effort for your customers as they enjoy a perfectly shaped smoke with every use.

  3. King Size Elegance: Measuring 109mm, these king-size cones provide a generous capacity, ideal for a satisfying and enjoyable smoke session that lasts.

  4. Slow and Even Burn: RAW's signature watermark guarantees a slow and consistent burn, offering a smooth draw and allowing smokers to relish every moment of their smoke.

  5. Thoughtful Packaging: Each wholesale bulk pack is carefully sealed to preserve the cones' freshness and quality, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition for your customers.

  6. A Timeless Choice: RAW is a trusted and beloved brand among smoking enthusiasts, making RAW Classic Cones a highly desirable and sought-after choice.

Benefits for Retailers:

  1. Attract Discerning Customers: RAW Classic King Size Cones appeal to discerning customers seeking premium smoking products, making them an invaluable addition to attracting quality-conscious clientele.

  2. Enhanced Profitability: Offering RAW Classic Cones at competitive wholesale pricing empowers retailers to enjoy higher profit margins while meeting customer demands for top-tier smoking essentials.

  3. Customer Loyalty Boost: By providing superior pre-rolled cones, retailers can cultivate customer loyalty and repeat business, establishing themselves as a reliable source of exceptional smoking accessories.

  4. Stand Out from Competitors: Stocking RAW Classic King Size Pre-rolled Cones sets retailers apart from competitors, appealing to a broad market that values authenticity and an unparalleled smoking experience.

Benefits for Wholesalers:

  1. Bulk Savings: Investing in the RAW Classic King Size Pre-rolled Cones - Unbleached Paper - 800 Count wholesale pack unlocks significant cost savings, enhancing profitability for wholesalers.

  2. Diversify Your Product Range: Enrich your inventory with RAW Classic Cones, catering to smoke shops, dispensaries, and retailers seeking reliable and renowned smoking accessories.

  3. Reputable Partnership: RAW's reputation for excellence makes them a trusted and esteemed partner for wholesalers aiming to deliver top-quality products to their clientele.


RAW Classic King Size Pre-rolled Cones 109mm - Unbleached Paper - 800 Count epitomize the essence of an authentic and superior smoking indulgence. Elevate your customers' smoking pleasure, diversify your product offerings, and propel your business to new heights with these premium pre-rolled cones. Order now and become the preferred wholesale supplier of choice for smoking enthusiasts seeking an exceptional smoking experience in your market.