Raw Classic King Size Cones 3 Pack - Unbleached Paper - 32 Packs


Indulge in the authentic smoking experience with RAW Classic King Size Cones 3 Pack - Unbleached Paper - 32 Packs, now available for wholesale bulk purchase. Crafted with an unwavering dedication to quality, these king-size cones are made from RAW's signature unbleached paper, ensuring a pure and untainted smoke that allows the true essence of the smoking material to shine through. The convenient 3 Pack comes in a bundle of 32 Packs, making it an ideal choice for retailers and enthusiasts seeking a premium and reliable smoking essential.

Key Features:

  1. Superior RAW Quality: RAW Classic King Size Cones are renowned for their exceptional quality, delivering a consistently satisfying smoking experience that smokers adore.

  2. Convenient 3 Pack: Each pack contains three king-size cones, offering an ideal option for individual smokers and a convenient supply for your customers.

  3. King Size Majesty: Measuring king size, these cones provide ample space for a generous amount of smoking material, ensuring a long and enjoyable smoke session.

  4. Unbleached and Natural: Crafted with unbleached paper, RAW Classic King Size Cones guarantee a chemical-free and authentic smoke, allowing smokers to savor the full flavors of their chosen smoking material.

  5. Slow and Even Burn: RAW's watermark ensures a slow and consistent burn, providing a smooth draw and allowing smokers to enjoy every moment of their smoke.

  6. Versatile and Essential: RAW Classic King Size Cones are a must-have for any smoking enthusiast, providing a reliable and consistent smoking experience on various occasions.

Benefits for Retailers:

  1. Attract King Size Enthusiasts: RAW Classic King Size Cones appeal to those seeking a larger and more enjoyable smoke, attracting a dedicated audience to your store.

  2. Upsell Opportunities: Offering RAW Classic King Size Cones in a 3 Pack - 32 Packs format opens opportunities for upselling and increasing the average purchase value.

  3. Premium Presentation: The 3 Pack - 32 Packs packaging allows for an eye-catching and organized display, capturing the attention of customers seeking top-quality smoking products.

  4. Establish Your Reputation: RAW Classic Cones are a trusted and respected brand, helping you establish a reputation as a retailer of premium and reliable smoking essentials.

Benefits for Wholesalers:

  1. Bulk Savings: Investing in RAW Classic King Size Cones 3 Pack - 32 Packs wholesale packs enables significant cost savings, maximizing profitability for wholesalers.

  2. Wide Market Appeal: RAW Classic King Size Cones cater to a broad market of smoking enthusiasts, making them a sought-after product for smoke shops, dispensaries, and retailers.

  3. Respected and Recognizable Brand: RAW's reputation for excellence makes RAW Classic Cones a desirable product for wholesalers and retailers alike.


RAW Classic King Size Cones 3 Pack - Unbleached Paper - 32 Packs exemplify excellence and versatility in the smoking world. Offer your customers premium smoking essential, and enrich your inventory with this popular and trusted pre-rolled cone pack. Order now and become the preferred wholesale supplier of RAW Classic King Size Cones, delighting smoking enthusiasts with an authentic and enjoyable smoking experience.