Raw Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll Cone 5 Pack - Unbleached Paper - 15 Packs


Explore the ultimate smoking adventure with RAW Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll, available in a wholesale bulk purchase of 5 Cone Packs, with 15 Packs in total. Elevate the smoking experience with this innovative pre-roll pack, featuring five different sizes of pre-rolled cones, each designed to offer a distinct and delightful smoke. RAW Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll is a testament to quality and variety, ensuring your customers can embark on a smoking journey like no other.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Variety: RAW Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll offers a selection of five different sizes of cones, ranging from small to extra-large, catering to diverse smoking preferences.

  2. Convenient 5-Cone Packs: Each pack contains five pre-rolled cones of different sizes, providing a perfect option for individual smokers or a memorable smoking experience to share.

  3. RAW Quality Assured: Crafted with RAW's signature unbleached paper, these cones guarantee pure and genuine smoke, allowing the full flavors of the smoking material to shine.

  4. Slow and Even Burn: RAW's watermark ensures a slow and consistent burn, ensuring a smooth draw and allowing smokers to fully enjoy each stage of the RAWket experience.

  5. Versatile Application: RAW Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll suits various occasions, from solo sessions to social gatherings, providing an exceptional smoking adventure.

  6. Premium Packaging: Each 5-Cone Pack is securely sealed, preserving the freshness and quality of the cones until they are ready to be enjoyed.

Benefits for Retailers:

  1. Appeal to Adventure Seekers: RAW Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll attracts adventurous smokers seeking a unique and varied smoking experience, making it a must-have product in your inventory.

  2. Encourage Larger Purchases: Offering RAW Classic RAWket Pre-roll in 5 Cone Packs encourages customers to explore the different sizes, leading to higher sales and increased customer satisfaction.

  3. Enhanced Presentation: Displaying RAW Classic RAWket Pre-roll showcases your commitment to providing diverse and premium smoking solutions, setting you apart from competitors.

  4. Build Customer Loyalty: By offering RAW Classic RAWket Pre-roll, you establish your store as a go-to destination for those seeking exclusive and innovative smoking products.

Benefits for Wholesalers:

  1. Bulk Savings: Investing in RAW Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll wholesale packs allows for substantial cost savings, maximizing profitability for wholesalers.

  2. Diversify Your Smoking Range: Enrich your inventory with RAW Classic RAWket Pre-roll, appealing to smoke shops, dispensaries, and retailers seeking novel and high-quality smoking accessories.

  3. Respected and Recognizable Brand: RAW's reputation for excellence and innovation makes RAW Classic RAWket Pre-roll a sought-after product for wholesalers and retailers alike.


RAW Classic 5 Stage Rawket Pre-roll - 5 Cone Packs - 15 Packs is the epitome of smoking variety and quality. Offer your customers an unparalleled smoking journey, and enrich your product range with this premium and innovative pre-rolled cone pack. Order now and become the preferred wholesale supplier of RAW Classic RAWket Pre-roll, delighting smoking enthusiasts with a diverse and unforgettable smoking adventure.