Tik Pro Mini Tc Disposable Vape Pen


For a portable and luxurious experience you can always depend on, look no further than the Tik Pro Mini TC by iKrusher. Our favorite ultra-compact pod-style disposable vape pen with signature design and character. This pint-size powerhouse, though slim, is unforgettable in every way. Compatible with CBD, distillate, and concentrates, this disposable vape pen is packed with features.


  • Rechargeable 
  • Anti-clogging 
  • Multiple extract compatibility 
  • OMNI Compatible

iKrusher has developed the Tik Pro Mini TC to be compatible with the OMNI Smart System. This allows the filler to control precisely how their vaporizer will perform. From updating the voltage curve to allowing pre-heat settings, the Tik Pro Mini TC has everything required to offer the most effective experience for users.


  • Vaporizer
  • Charging Cable

The Tik Pro Mini TC is portable and as discreet as possible while still being able to pump out vapors alongside any full-size product. Savor the purest of flavors for longer with its high-grade, long-lasting battery for an uninterrupted experience. So lean back and enjoy the little things; it’s all about the details.