King Palm

King Palm 5 Mini Rolls Display Box - 15 Count


These mini rolls are a showstopper. With every single roll you smoke, you get a one-of-a-kind experience. Every leaf used to manufacture the product is cautiously selected, handpicked, and cleaned to perfection with nothing less than purified water.

Here are a couple of features that set apart our mini rolls from the rest of the rolls on the market:

  • With King Palm products, you never have to roll, lick, or split the leaves ever again.
  • You get to enjoy completely natural rolls free from tobacco, chemicals, additives, and harmful toxins.
  • The leaf is a slow burner, so you can take your time and enjoy your smoke.
  • The rolls are super functional, durable, and resistant.
  • No oils will get to your mouth.
  • The freshness is guaranteed to last for 1 year

Our goal is to give you the ideal smoking experience, which is why we make sure to use only a handful of products to create a natural roll you will love. The surface of the rolls is durable to guarantee nothing will fall through the cracks as they will with regular paper rolls. You also get a filter that is free of preservatives to create the ultimate smokable leaf.

The filter is manufactured of GMO-free corn husk to keep all the oils away from your mouth. The leaf roll is completely pure to give it a nice slow-burning effect. The more it lasts, the longer you can savor the taste. For anyone who loves smoking, nothing can beat our rolls.