King Palm

King Palm 5 King Rolls Display Box – 15 Count


King wraps are of the finest quality. If you want a natural, much cleaner, fresher, and slower smoking experience, then our wraps are exactly what you need. With King Palm, you get the ultimate product manufactured from carefully harvested and completely natural palm leaves. Every single roll burns a lot slower than tobacco, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your smoke.

Product Details:

  • A roll free of additives and tobacco
  • 5 King-sized rolls including a Boveda pouch to control the humidity level
  • Selected, handmade, and cleansed rolls before packaging
  • Ready to use rolls on the go (no need for wrapping or licking the leaf rolls
  • The products keep their freshness for one year

Every filter included is made of GMO-free corn husk to ensure the best filtration. They are designed to keep the oils away from your mouth so that you can enjoy your smoke in peace.

Plus, you can even adjust the filter to control the flow of the smoke. You get to save plenty of time and energy with every smoke. For all the smoker fans out there, it can’t get better than this.