King Palm

King Palm 25 King Rolls Display Box – 8 Count


Introducing our premium display box, a worthy investment for replenishing your stock with the finest quality organic leaf rolls. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring every package is meticulously crafted to provide the most even-burning smoke on the market. Our product stands out from the rest, offering an exceptional smoking experience that you won't find elsewhere online.

Every package features:

  • 25 king-sized rolls ideal for retail
  • Super-slow burning leaf
  • 2-way Boveda humidity control package off 62%
  • Carefully made product cleaned with purified water
  • GMO-free corn husk filter
  • Wooden packing stick

Each package includes 25 king-sized rolls, perfect for retail purposes, and boasts a super-slow burning leaf for a long-lasting smoke session. To preserve the freshness and humidity of the rolls, we've included a 2-way Boveda humidity control package set at 62%. Additionally, our products are thoroughly cleaned with purified water and come with GMO-free corn husk filters and a wooden packing stick for your convenience.

Rest assured, our leaf rolls are completely free from additives, chemicals, or glue, ensuring a leakage-free and pure smoking experience. Each roll is carefully handmade and handpicked to guarantee the highest quality.

With the display box, you'll receive 8 different units, providing you with an abundant supply of premium leaf rolls. The package design is thoughtfully convenient, featuring all the essential product information printed on the box, allowing your customers to make an informed choice. Elevate your smoking experience with our exceptional display box and enjoy the ultimate pleasure of our premium organic leaf rolls.