King Palm

King Palm 2 King Rolls Display Box – 20 Count


Once they are picked, the leaves are then thoroughly cleaned with purified water to remove any residue that might affect the quality or durability of the product. That’s why these rolls can keep their freshness for an entire year.

Product Details:

  • Each King Roll holds 2 grams
  • Display Contains 20 Pouches
  • Each Pouch Contains 2 King Rolls
  • Each Pouch Contains One Packing Stick

The leaves are then rolled by hand, ensuring that you will get the best quality product you could ask for. It’s a completely natural product free of glue, preservatives, and additives. Compared to common papers used for wrapping tobacco, these are the cleanest and purest smokes you can get.

The moment you give this product a try, it’s impossible to go back. All the unhealthy chemicals or additives present in typical wrapping paper are a thing of the past. Our product’s chemical structure and wrapping process make them a lot better than cotton and paper wrapping. You don’t have to worry about any leakage. The leaves will keep everything in place to make sure you get the ultimate smoking experience.