Katto Vape Battery


Are you looking for an out-of-body experience? The Katto - Long Lasting 350mAh Battery is debuting with a unique, dual-bodied design. Featuring a drop-in magnetic connection where the oil is sealed within the device's core, it is protected and fully accessible to the user. We adapted the form of the Katto best to integrate its premium-grade battery with its sleek body to bring you an unrivaled device in both functionalities and aesthetics. The Katto is one of the best reusable vaporizers on the market! Its elegant and discrete design allows for use where you are! From adventures in the park to nature hikes and even at the beach, the Katto has you covered.

The 350mAh battery is perfect for long outings and can stay out with you as the night goes on. You won't need to worry about recharging your device, either. With charging times ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour, your vaporizing experience will take you wherever you need to go! This vape battery is compatible with our Katto Pod and is a component of our Katto Starter Kit.

Are you looking for discretion? The sleek design helps you to use your product without gaining significant attention.