Freezable Glycerine Filled Spectrum Wave Nectar Collector


The Freezable Glycerine Filled Nectar Collector is a revolutionary product that takes your smoking experience to the next level. Its Full Spectrum colored wave design adds a unique touch to your collection, while its double-wall insulation keeps your nectar cold for extended periods. With the specially designed Glycerine liquid inside the middle chamber, you can enjoy super smooth and chilled smoke. Freeze the glycerine chamber for 10-15 minutes and attach your quartz tip or grade A titanium nail to enjoy your favorite hemp extracts or oils with an icy cold twist.

  • Reinforced 510 Threaded Joints
  • Extended Neck
  • Filled with Glycerin for smooth and chilled pulls
  • Grade A Titanium Nails
  • Borosilicate Glass Dish Included
  • Higher Airflow, Smoother Hits