Crop Kingz

Crop Kingz Pre-rolled Cones 1¼ Size 84mm - Organic Hemp - 40 Count


Introducing Crop Kingz Pre-Rolled Cones in the popular 1¼ size, measuring 84mm in length. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, these cones are made from organic hemp, setting a new standard for premium smoking accessories. Elevate your smoking sessions with these meticulously crafted cones that align with both your discerning taste and your eco-conscious values.


  1. Pure Organic Hemp: Our Crop Kingz Pre-Rolled Cones are crafted from the finest organic hemp. Experience the true essence of your herbs without the interference of chemicals or additives, and enjoy a smoking experience that's as close to nature as it gets.

  2. Ideal Size: Measuring 84mm, these 1¼ size cones offer the perfect platform for packing your favorite herbs. The size strikes the right balance between a satisfying smoke and an effortless rolling experience.

  3. Ready to Fill: Each cone arrives expertly pre-rolled, ensuring that the process of filling your herbs is both seamless and enjoyable. Elevate your smoking moments without the hassle.

  4. Smooth and Even Burn: The thoughtful design of these cones guarantees a smooth, even burn, allowing you to relish the full flavors and aromas of your chosen herbs.

  5. Generous Quantity: Each package contains 40 pre-rolled cones, providing you with an abundant supply for numerous smoking sessions. Whether you're sharing with friends or indulging in personal moments, Crop Kingz has you covered.

  6. Organic Elegance: We understand the importance of organic choices for both your well-being and the planet. These cones are made from organic hemp, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability.

  7. Uncompromising Quality: Elevate your smoking experience with Crop Kingz Pre-Rolled Cones. The marriage of organic hemp, expert craftsmanship, and the ideal 1¼ size delivers a smoking encounter that's second to none.

Experience the pinnacle of smoking pleasure with Crop Kingz Pre-Rolled Cones in the 1¼ size. Crafted for connoisseurs who demand excellence and value eco-friendly options, these 84mm cones redefine your smoking ritual. Immerse yourself in the unadulterated essence of your herbs, enjoy a burn that's as smooth as it is even, and revel in the satisfaction of each inhale. With 40 cones in every package, Crop Kingz ensures that your smoking journey continues uninterrupted. Embrace Crop Kingz today and elevate your smoking experience to extraordinary heights.