Crop Kingz

Crop Kingz Pre-rolled Cones 1¼ Size 84mm - Hemp - 40 Count


Introducing the epitome of convenience and quality in smoking accessories: Crop Kingz Pre-rolled Hemp Cones in the popular 1¼ size, measuring 84mm in length. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to providing a premium smoking experience, these pre-rolled cones redefine your smoking rituals. Elevate your moments with Crop Kingz and enjoy the luxury of hassle-free indulgence.


  1. Effortless Enjoyment: Crop Kingz Pre-rolled Hemp Cones are designed to offer you a seamless and convenient smoking experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of rolling – these cones arrive pre-rolled, ready for you to pack and enjoy.

  2. Optimal 1¼ Size: Measuring 84mm, these 1¼ size cones are perfectly proportioned for a satisfying smoke. Strike the right balance between quantity and smoothness with every inhale.

  3. Expertly Crafted: Each cone is expertly rolled to ensure uniformity and ease of use. Experience the joy of a well-constructed cone without the need for any rolling skills.

  4. Full Flavor Exploration: The precision design of these cones guarantees a slow and even burn, allowing you to fully explore the flavors and aromas of your chosen herbs.

  5. Abundant Supply: Each package includes 40 pre-rolled hemp cones, providing you with an ample quantity for extended smoking enjoyment. Whether you're sharing with friends or savoring personal moments, Crop Kingz has you covered.

  6. Hemp Elegance: Crafted from high-quality hemp, these cones embody the essence of natural elegance. Embrace a smoking accessory that not only enhances your experience but also aligns with your eco-conscious values.

  7. Unmatched Convenience: Elevate your smoking routine with Crop Kingz Pre-rolled Hemp Cones. Designed to cater to your convenience without compromising on quality, these cones set a new standard for hassle-free enjoyment.

Rediscover the joy of smoking with Crop Kingz Pre-rolled Hemp Cones in the 1¼ size. Created for those who seek both ease and excellence, these 84mm cones redefine your smoking journey. Bask in the luxury of perfectly rolled cones, enjoy a burn that's as smooth as it is satisfying, and relish the satisfaction of every puff. With 40 cones in each package, Crop Kingz ensures your indulgence knows no bounds. Embrace the convenience of Crop Kingz today and elevate your smoking experience effortlessly.