Cookies Gold Banger


Experience the epitome of elegance and performance with this quartz banger with Cookies pattern print. Crafted with luxurious gold fume, this high-quality banger is more than just equipment - it's a statement of sophistication. Boasting a deep bowl and sturdy base, this banger offers a reliable and visually stunning dabbing experience. But what truly sets it apart is its mesmerizing iridescent appearance, thanks to the gold fume, adding a touch of magic to your dabbing rituals. Designed for use with a rig and made from quartz, known for its exceptional heat resistance and taste purity, the Cookies Gold Banger ensures consistently smooth and flavorful hits for a premium dabbing experience. Elevate your dabbing game with this stunning work of art and make a statement with its perfect blend of style and substance.

Cookies Gold Banger Features

  • Gold Fume Quartz Banger
  • Unqiue Cookies Pattern
  • Iridescent Appearance
  • Glows When Heated
  • Spinning Carb Cap and Terp Pearls Included
  • Smooth and Flavorful Hits
  • Custom Packaging
  • Brand: Cookies
  • Material: Quartz
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Bucket Diameter: 25mm, 30mm