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Cones + Supply Pre-rolled Cones King Size 109mm - White Paper - 800 Count


Looking for the ultimate smoking solution to elevate your customers' experience? Look no further! Introducing CONES + SUPPLY Pre-Rolled Cones Classic King Size 109mm in White Paper - the epitome of convenience and quality. This 800-count bulk pack of pre-rolled cones is the perfect addition to your smoking products lineup.

Key Features:

Classic King Size: Treat your customers to a regal smoking experience with our Classic King Size 109mm pre-rolled cones. The generous length ensures a longer, more enjoyable smoke, perfect for relaxing alone or sharing with friends.

Elegant White Paper: Our pre-rolled cones exude elegance with their classic white paper design. Your customers will appreciate the sleek and sophisticated look of these cones, making their smoking sessions even more special.

Unparalleled Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our pre-rolled cones are made from premium white paper that guarantees a slow and even burn. Your customers will savor the smooth and consistent smoking experience these cones offer.

Time-Saving Convenience: Rolling joints can be a hassle, but with CONES + SUPPLY Pre-Rolled Cones, your customers can skip the tedious task. These pre-rolled wonders save time and effort, allowing your customers to indulge in their favorite herbs or blends effortlessly.

Bulk Packaging Advantage: Keep your smoke shop or online store well-stocked with this 800-count wholesale pack. With ample supply, you can meet your customers' demands without worrying about running out of inventory.

Versatile and Adaptable: Our Classic King Size pre-rolled cones are versatile enough to cater to various smoking preferences. Whether your customers prefer herbs, tobacco, or herbal mixes, these cones are the perfect companion.

Eco-Conscious Commitment: At The Supply Joint, we care about the environment. CONES + SUPPLY pre-rolled cones are crafted using eco-friendly materials, allowing your customers to enjoy their smoke responsibly.

    Why Choose CONES + SUPPLY?

    As a wholesale partner, we understand the importance of providing top-notch products. CONES + SUPPLY Pre-Rolled Cones Classic King Size 109mm in White Paper reflects our commitment to excellence and is sure to impress your customers.