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Cones + Supply Pre-rolled Cones King Size 109mm - Unbleached Paper - 800 Count


Take your customers' smoking experience to the next level with CONES + SUPPLY Pre-Rolled Cones in Brown Unbleached King Size 109mm. Crafted from premium brown paper, this wholesale pack of 800 pre-rolled cones offers a unique and natural smoking experience like no other.

Key Features:

King Size Luxury: Treat your customers to the royal treatment with our King Size 109mm pre-rolled cones. These cones deliver a long and indulgent smoke, perfect for unwinding alone or sharing with friends.

Brown Unbleached Paper: Our pre-rolled cones are made from brown unbleached paper, preserving the natural essence of the smoking herbs or blends. Your customers will enjoy a pure and authentic smoking experience with each cone.

Uncompromising Quality: We take pride in delivering excellence. Our pre-rolled cones are meticulously crafted with precision and slow-burning capabilities, ensuring a consistently smooth and enjoyable smoke.

Effortless Convenience: Rolling joints can be time-consuming, but with CONES + SUPPLY Pre-Rolled Cones, your customers can skip the rolling process altogether. These pre-rolled wonders save time and effort, making smoking a breeze.

Bulk Packaging Advantage: Keep your smoke shop or online store well-stocked with this 800-count wholesale pack. With an abundance of supply, you can meet your customers' demands without worrying about running out.

Versatile and Natural: Our brown unbleached pre-rolled cones cater to various smoking preferences. Whether your customers enjoy herbs, tobacco, or herbal mixes, these cones complement their smoking rituals perfectly.

Why Choose CONES + SUPPLY?

As a wholesale partner, you need products that stand out in quality and value. CONES + SUPPLY Pre-Rolled Cones in Brown Unbleached King Size 109mm with Brown Paper embody our dedication to providing unique smoking accessories for your customers' satisfaction.