Cannarolla Pre-rolled Cones King Size 109mm - Classic White - 800 Count


Discover the next-level smoking experience with Cannarolla Pre-Rolled Cones King Size 110mm in Classic White - a wholesale product that will leave your customers craving for more! This 800-count bulk pack of pre-rolled cones is the epitome of excellence, combining premium quality and convenience like never before.

Key Features:

King Size Excellence: Treat your customers like royalty with our King Size 110mm pre-rolled cones. The generous length ensures a longer, more indulgent smoke, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying alone.

Classic White Elegance: Our pre-rolled cones boast a Classic White design that adds a touch of elegance to the smoking experience. Your customers will appreciate the sleek and sophisticated look of these cones.

Uncompromising Quality: Crafted with precision, our pre-rolled cones are made from top-notch, ultra-thin paper that guarantees a slow and even burn. Delight your customers with a smooth smoking session every time.

Time-Saving Solution: Rolling joints can be a tedious task, but with Cannarolla Pre-Rolled Cones, your customers can say goodbye to rolling troubles. These pre-rolled wonders save time and effort, making smoking a breeze.

Bulk Pack Advantage: Keep your smoke shop or online store well-stocked with this 800-count wholesale pack. No need to worry about running out of inventory when you have plenty of these high-demand cones on hand.

Versatility Unleashed: Our King Size pre-rolled cones are versatile enough to cater to various smoking preferences. Whether your customers enjoy herbs, tobacco blends, or herbal mixes, these cones are the perfect choice.

Eco-Conscious Commitment: At The Supply Joint, sustainability matters. Cannarolla pre-rolled cones are crafted using eco-friendly materials, ensuring a guilt-free smoking experience.

Why Choose Cannarolla?

We understand the needs of wholesale partners, and that's why we deliver products that stand out in both quality and value. Cannarolla Pre-Rolled Cones King Size 110mm in Classic White is a testament to our dedication to providing the best smoking accessories on the market.