20mL Luer Lock Syringe Without Needle - 50 Count


This 20mL Luer Lock syringe, without a needle, is specifically designed for precise and accurate measurements. The sterile and individually sealed packaging comes in a quantity of 50, making it ideal for healthcare professionals. Its secure attachment to needles eliminates any possibility of leaks and ensures the safe and efficient administration of medication. Each box contains 50 syringes (needles not included) with a standard 20mL Luer Lock design that securely fits all needles. It also features ultra-clear markings on the barrel for easy reading and a smooth surface for low-friction dispensing. This product is intended for use in hospitals, doctors' offices, and by caregivers, providing essential tools for patient treatment.

  • Each box contains 50 syringes (needles excluded).
  • Features a standard 20mL Luer lock design that securely accommodates all types of needles.
  • Boasts well-defined markings on an ultra-clear barrel, ensuring easy readability. Its smooth surface facilitates low-friction dispensing.
  • Syringes are sold without needles and come individually wrapped and sealed.
  • Ensures sterility, being non-toxic, pyrogen-free, and free from natural rubber latex.
  • Essential for hospitals, doctors' offices, and caregivers, to ensure the availability of Luer Lock syringes for patient treatment.